5 incidents that shook Indian sports in 2013

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T Bach


1. Indian Olympic Association  ban and IOC warning

 The ongoing act of defiance by rogue IOA officials led to India getting banned from participating in the Olympics and when Mr. Bach took over as president of IOC he warned India will get thrown out of the Olympic movement if they do not adhere to IOC code of conduct to which IOA obliged apparently forcefully.




2.Sachin retires from all forms of Cricket

 The Master Blaster retired from all forms of cricket breaking million hearts enough said!

Steroids and doping in sport

3. Failed dope tests


Doping shame and administrative goof-ups dominated the Indian athletics scene yet again however this this year the revelations of wide spread doping is an absolute shocker. A total of 500 athletes were found to have violated Anti Doping Rules.


ipl scandal1



4. IPL fixing scandal


The Great IPL Betting scandal rocked the world of Cricket with players, management staff involved in the scandal this incidence is definitely the biggest sports news that has shocked the world in 2013.


Live Test cricket from Ahmedabad. Possibly.



5. BCCI v English Press


A very low key incident but it surely shook the International media. BCCI v UK media. This is what The Guardian had to say about it. BCCI, in their boundless wisdom, have decided to refuse to allow certain picture agencies access to the ground. So the Guardian, along with other UK media groups, is not publishing live pictures from the first Test in protest. Instead we got Mike Selvey to snap this on his phone.








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