Top 5 Most Valuable NBA Agencies in 2014

Top 5 Most Valuable NBA Agencies in 2014

Recent report on Forbes about the top NBA agencies in the world highlighted the magnitude of NBA player representation and the scale of monies involved is astounding. The report features on the 10 most valuable NBA agencies and also lists contract values, commissions, years of experience (man years) and other important information who the top clients are and last but not the least who the top agents are.

In this article the objective was to focus on all 10 agencies and their collective highlights like :

1. Contract values under management.

2. Contract years under management.

3. Maximum Commissions.


Collective Value of Contract under management – US $5 Billion


Collective Value of contract years under management  Average of 80 years per agency


Collective Values of maximum commissions  – $201.7 Million 


Know more about the Top 5 NBA agencies and how they performed in 2014 and who was in the number one position please see the info graph below 


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