10 things you need to know about Pro Wrestling League

10 things you need to know about Pro Wrestling League

The fast growing franchise based sports scenario in India is getting ready to welcome another sports league in Pro Wrestling League (PWL). The league has been launched by Pro Sportify, a venture between Kartikeya Sharma of iTV Network and Ashish Chadha of sports management firm Sporty Solutionz. Pro Sportify has signed a 10-year deal with the Wrestling Federation of India for the event.

Like it’s rich cousins IPL and ISL this league also has it’s fair share of celebrity connection with the Deol’s (Dharmendra and Sunny and Bobby) buying the Punjab franchise and Sajjan Jindal led JSW buying the Bengaluru franchise talks are also ongoing with a south Indian infrastructure company is close to buying the Delhi team, while talks are on with a current playing cricketer, a Mumbai based real estate firm and an IPL team owner for the other three teams.

Wrestling being a mass sport will attract sponsors and audiences alike and come November we will know the fate of the league.

While we patiently wait for future announcements of the league, here are 10 interesting facts about PWL.

For details and development of the league visit http://www.prowrestlingleague.com/