English Premier League summer transfer window 2015 explained

English Premier League summer transfer window 2015 explained

The 2015 summer window transfer window of english premier league has shut and yet again it has been a record breaking transfer window with GBP 870 million spent. The 2015 transfer window is the biggest transfer window in the history of the leagues existence.

Summary of the transfer window

1. This is the first time the 2015 winter and summer transfer window has crossed GBP 1 billion.

2. The biggest spender were Manchester City with GBP 55 million for Kevin De Bruyne and GBP 49 million for Raheem Sterling.

3. Manchester United spent GBP 36 million on french teenager Anthony Martial from Monaco making him the worlds most expensive teenage footballer.

4. GBP 7.3 billion – gross spend on the transfer window since inception in 2002.

5. 80% of the total gross spent in this summer transfer window.

Transfer window comparison – English Premier League v/s Rest of Europe 

Premier league spends dwarf spends by other leagues in Europe. The following graph shows the gap in spends across Europe and this clearly proves the the clubs in England have spending power resulting in making it the most popular sports league in the world.


What is fuelling the rapidly increasing spends in premier league ? 

The reason behind the exuberant spends by english clubs is the television broadcast revenue that has made clubs rich. The television deal has increased from GBP 3 billion to 5 billion in a few years and clubs now stand to earn money depending on their performance ranging from GBP 99 million (last placed team) to GBP 150 million (Champions).


Following is an infographic with interesting statistics about the 2015 premier league summer transfer window 


epl transfer window 2015