Giant Infographic on the sports industry in United Kingdom

Nilesh Deshmukh

It’s been almost 2 weeks now since I have moved to London and what better way to start off the new sportsnexus journey than an infographic on the sports industry in the United Kingdom.

This infographic is my giant infographic on the sports sector in the United Kingdom and it features the size of the industry in numbers, biggest sports events, top 3 sports and how they contribute to the economy, top participation sports and also features the contrast which has some mind-boggling figures on the decrease in participation in both abled and non-abled participants in the year 2015.

From this infographic onwards you will see a lot more information on sports in the UK – well they say make hay while the sun shines, I will surely push my limit and try and share as much interesting sports-related information from this part of the world.

Starting with my giant infographic on sports industry in the United Kingdom.