Everything you need to know about brand Virat Kohli

Nilesh Deshmukh

Run machine Virat Kohli has put in tremendous performances in 2016 earning him comparisons to Donald Bradman with his on ground run-scoring shenanigans, recently scoring 4 IPL tons. Virat may very courteously have brushed aside the question of him hitting the peak of his career but off the pitch, he has very discretely blossomed into a global brand – a dependable brand ambassador and a young and promising sports entrepreneur from India with a diverse business interest.

It was hardly surprising when Virat was listed in Pro Sports illustrious Top 50 World’s Most Marketable list making him one of the two cricketers on the list and one of the three Indians on the list.

The following infographic highlights brand Virat Kohli’s achievements off the pitch and it’s rather interesting to see his approach to business interests in retail, sports, and technology.

His fashion venture WROGN and his chain of gyms CHISEL  particularly stand out as long-term investments and with clear projections like INR 30 Crores revenue in 5 years, its fair to say that Virat and his agency and his advisors/partners are working to move in a right direction and the results are showing with every step that they take.

Virat is a perfect example of dedication, hard work, loyalty. His performances on the pitch and off pitch demeanor place him in a unique bracket of reliable and trustworthy brand ambassadors and with his impressive endorsements list, it’s easy to say he will only grow from this position hopefully top 3 in the world.



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