Nita Ambani’s IOC nomination explained

Nilesh Deshmukh

When Nita Ambani got nominated by International Olympic Committee IOC social media in India went into a meltdown with a majority percentage of mentions being negative, un called for and some were outright dumb.

Most of the tweets were ignorant. A lot of people clearly haven’t understood the news. Just to make it clear to the ignorant set of Indians that Nita Ambani’s name has been suggested to the IOC executive body along with few other names. This clearly indicates that Nita Ambani is not a member yet, but there are ignorant people and here are few tweets that show the level of ignorance:

And there were jokes galore yet again by the ignorant ones. Some jokes were tasteless and some out right dumb:

There was a lot of supportive messages from sports and bollywood but one stands out in particular by Abhinav Bindra (Because some people said Abhinav Bindra should have been nominated and not Nita Ambani)

— Abhinav Bindra (@Abhinav_Bindra) June 3, 2016

But here is the reality of the much talked about nomination. In a proposal set up by the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee for election at the 129th IOC session of the Olympic games at Rio 2016 IOC will elect new members.

The list is the result of the first targeted recruitment process for IOC membership as outlined in Olympic agenda 2020, the IOC’s strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic movement and it features 4 male and 4 female members.

“These eight candidates that we are proposing to the next IOC Session are a strong and varied group of individuals that are experts in their respective fields and will make great contributions,” – Thomas Bach , IOC President.

The eight candidates represent a cross-section of expertise from the worlds of sport, culture, medicine, sociology, business, law and management. Following are the suggested nominations:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.24.20 PM

Quality (Type of Membership Currently ): IND – Individual Member, IF – International Federation Representative and NOC – National Olympic Committee.

For detailed CV’s of candidates please follow the links below:

  1. Sari Essayah – Read CV Here 
  2. Ivo Ferriani – Read CV Here
  3. Luis Alberto Moreno – Read CV Here
  4. Auvita Rapilla – Read CV Here
  5. Anant Singh – Read CV Here
  6. Tricia Smith – Read CV Here
  7. Karl Stoss – Read CV Here
  8. Nita Ambani –  Read CV Here

With the addition of the eight members the International Olympic Committee will reach a total of 99 members and will continue to add more members in the future with an aim to involve best of personnel from around the world who can contribute in improving and achieving goals of the Olympic charter.

In my opinion it’s a matter of pride (although I must confess I was hoping Nita Ambani starts from IOA) that we have another representative in IOC than Raja Randhir Singh and I hope Nita Ambani’s addition to the IOC makes a difference not only to the development and upliftment of sport in India but in Asia as well.

Having voiced my opinion I would like to end this article with my response to the ignorant people who voiced their opinions/comments without really knowing the complete story and I hope this article helps people understand the process and need for adding new members to the Olympic family.

My Response to the Nita Ambani trend in India