How Rebel Ventures has made Real Madrid the best sports team on social media

Nilesh Deshmukh

Importance of social media in sports

Social networking has changed the dynamics of fan engagement in sports. Football which is the most followed sport in the world has managed to connect with fans across multiple social and digital platforms, getting fans ever so closer to their favorite teams and footballers.There are many such examples of teams deploying social media strategies to get the team closer to fans but one agency clearly stands out amongst the rest, and that agency is Rebel Ventures.

Who is Rebel Ventures?

Los Angeles-based Rebel Ventures works with a handful of clientsin sports and deliver the best in service and social innovation. They specialize in sports and currently partner with sports teams in the USA and Europe. Some of their partners are Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Atalanta Hawks (NBA). They also work with Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers (NFL), LA Kings (NHL) and Boston Red Sox (MLB).

Rebel Ventures has branched out of USA and entered the lucrative football market in Europe landing clients in Real Madrid and Liverpool F.C.

It’s incredible the amount of work they have put into Real Madrid making them the best football team on social media building their presence across social networks and across countries all over the world.

The following infographic highlights the rapid growth of Real Madrid on social media, which will give you an understanding of how Rebel Ventures made them the number one team across social media.


rebel media real madrid


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