Why critics should wait for the Under 17 World Cup to end before bitching about the lack of match day attendance

Nilesh Deshmukh

India is hosting the biggest football event but critics have left no stone unturned in slamming the organizing committee for lack of marketing and match day attendance. Do they deserve it? Let’s find out….

Indian football history is strange. It is a story of the dramatic rise in popularity worldwide to a fall from grace in world rankings with suppressing politics and football has even been hit by egoistic administrators, who literally killed the game and India’s footballing superpower status in the late 50’s to bring an end to India’s glorious decade of footballing achievements.

Indian football has nothing but spiraled downwards from the late 50’s and in the recent past has seen All India Football Federation struggle to revive the national league to India falling down in FIFA rankings (As low as 200) to legendary football clubs struggling and shutting shop.

However, it seems like the dark days are long gone with the emergence of Indian Super League, India’s prodigal (adopted) son, Stephen Constantine’s return to lift India to their highest FIFA rankings and India hosting the Under 17 World Cup.

Just as the optimistic fans put their hand on their heart and say ‘All is well’, 3 idiot style, there is an invasion of skeptics who have taken on to social media to take pot shots at the organising committee for lack of marketing and lack of attendance.

In this article, I will focus on the lack of attendance.

Whats the fuss about bad attendance at the event?

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